Thanks for visiting, 'Reflections of the Wild', the Photography by Lone Eagle Woman.
Hope you have enjoyed my photos of the wild country that I have been blessed in seeing and capturing with my camera. Also hope you come back and visit my photo site again in the future.

Now as for myself, I live here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which I absolutely love. And I have lived here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for over 30 years. My passion in life has been hiking, camping, and living in the deep wilderness that still exists here in the Western United States. And thru the years have seen most of it. But my favorite has been this Greater Yellowstone Country with the Thorofare and the Absaroka Mountains. I have been wandering this country for over 30 years. In all the craziness which is in this modern day world of us Human Two Leggeds, how much is this country like it has always been with being practically unchanged from the days of the Indians and Mountain Men. Also this Southern Utah's Canyon Country has been a big favorite of mine thru the years. And thru the years how often I find myself either in the spring or the fall hanging out somewhere in these wilds with espicelly in the wonderful Escalante Country. Again how much in this life is my passion the Deep Wilderness where I just want to go back live and experience what it has to offer in the old ways of Balance and Harmony.

Photography has also been a passion of mine since I was a kid with having various cameras thru the years. How much have I loved to document thru my photos, my wandering escapades in the deep wilderness. Now days my camera of choice is a Canon 5D Mark II.

Also for those that are interested in this Yellowstone Thorofare and Absaroka Country here in Northwest Wyoming or the Greater Escalante Country in Southern Utah, feel free to contact me on information on the area if you are interested. At present I do not sell my photos and do not have the equipment to do such, but if you are interested in my photos then also feel free to contact me.

Life is Great! Wishing You the Best! Creator Bless!