Spectacular doesn't begin to describe it. Many thanks for sharing.
Patrick T.(non-registered)
Kayla, I've been a fan of yours since I first read about you in the Billings Gazette, and actually I met you once on the bridge by the Hawks Rest patrol cabin perhaps about 10 years ago. I really love your photographs of the Thorofare area in particular as that is my favorite area in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. I was just wondering what happened to the photos you had of Yellowstone etc., without the giant COPYRIGHT logo emblazoned in the direct center of each photo? Unfortunately for me the Copyright logo now makes your photos virtually un-viewable as I can remember how they used to be. I wish you could find some sort of compromise that would make your photos easier to look at. Anyway, take care! Patrick
Bill Slaughter(non-registered)
I have been a fan of yours since the '90s when I first heard about you. Thank you for leading an exemplary life rather than giving into the year-round desk bound jobs the rest of us settle for and that I have just retired from. Your images are amazing and allow us to enter into your world for just a moment but, oh, what refreshment!
I hope I get to meet you this coming summer (July) when we will be backpacking into your Thorofare country. Just watch for a small group of happy but bear-nervous hikers.
Jerry Greenwell(non-registered)
Love your pictures and trip reports.
Plan on being in Yellowstone in June.

The best to you,
DAVE GOLLICK(non-registered)
great pictures I envy you your experiences don't think I would have the courage to face the bears as you do. you have earned your place as someone to be admired.
jed turtle(non-registered)
love your pictures! thanks for sharing such beautiful places.
Clare VanderVeen(non-registered)
Beautiful, Kayla ... today was the first time I noticed your website -- you did a great job and those photographs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing the beauty you find in the back country with us!
Cathy McPeek(non-registered)
Found your name in a book I couldn't put down, "Hawks Rest". Had to see if you were on line and stumbled on your blog. I love your pictures. Your pics of Rabbitstix and Wintercount makes me wonder if you know anything about Native American Flutes and how to make then. I want to learn how. I wonder if you have ever done long distance hikes on the ATC or the PCT. I hang out along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington.
Kirk Casey(non-registered)
It was great meeting you at Bridger Lake a few weeks ago. Sawyer, Dave, John, and I enjoyed your stories of the Thorofare. Write that book soon so that many more people can hear of your adventures and see your photos.
Valerie Schramm(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs! Thank you so much for sharing them.
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